Planet QR for Online Stores

The Simplest Online Store

We specialize in creating an online store for you within minutes so that you can scale up your business by selling more on Instagram, Facebook or any other site.

Once you create a store you can revolutionize the complete way your business operates. You can share your store link to your customers and they can easily place orders.


What do we offer at Planet QR eCommerce ?

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Live Online Store

Share your link/ QR Code and with a single scan your store is live on customer phone

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Receive Orders by link/QR Scan

It is simple and fast.

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Customer Operated POS

Reduces your billing burden. All you have to do is a single tap to generate bill

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Store Display System

See & Update Customer Orders, Update them with a single tap.

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Supports Normal & Thermal Printers

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Online Delivery/Takeaway

Options Provided

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Easily manage your products. Change prices, enable/disable with a single tap.

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Track your expenses

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Online Payments

Net Banking/Credit or Debit Cart/Wallets/EMI

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UPI Integrated

Receive Direct online payments from customer.

Who is using Planet QR eCommerce?

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Instagram Users

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Online Sellers

Why you should Choose Planet QR ?

Customer Experience

Your customers can enjoy a unique experience as they can see your ready to order store directly from the link.

Live Orders

You receive live orders from customers on your terminal. You/your staff can easily update/manage the order.

No Technical Knowledge

You can operate your online store without any technical knowledge

Focus on Core Business

With Planet QR eCommerce, you can focus on your core business and leave your online store headache on us.

How It Works for Your Customers

1. Customer Receives your Store Link

Once they open your link, they can see your online stores in their phone browser. No seperate app installation is required.

2. Search Items

The customer can search a particular item on your store instead of going through it from start to end or top to bottom.

3. Add to Cart

The customer can add the item to the cart ny simply pressing the + button next to each item.

4. View Cart

The customer can view cart and increase or decrease quantity of any item. Once the cart items are finalised. The customer can choose the payment method.

5. Choose Payment Option

On the payment page the customer can choose to Pay Online! We have an integrated payment gateway on our platform.

6. Place Order

Thats it. The customer can then wait for the order confirmation.

7. View Order Status

The customer can see the status of order as and when updated by you/your staff.

How It Works for Your Business


First you Setup & Receive Orders

Once the order is placed. You get a audio and visual notification.


Next you Process Orders

Accept Orders, Start preparing and Update the status


Therafter you can View & Print Bills

Finalize bill by confirming the items. Print bills with UPI


At your own time View Reports

View sales summary, daily sales or a particular order.

Benefits for your Business

One Link/QR Stays Forever

No need of changing QR Codes. Just change the menu. No restriction on changing menus.

Live Customer Interaction

Your customers connect with your complete system. They get to see live status of their orders as and when you/your staff updates the Planet QR system.

Online Payments

Use the integrated online payment system to receive money directly from customer.


Finalize your bills. Make necessary changes if required. Give discounts to your special customers. Generate Normal or Thermal Prints.

Most Loved Features

Easy Setup

Setup your store within a minute. Access all features during the 15 days trial period.

One Tap Enable or Disable

You can enable or disable any product with a single tap.

Use your Store Banners

Prepare eye catchy banners for your customers and let your business scale.

Live Order Status for Customers

Customer gets live status of the order. So no more calling and asking the status.

Direct Google Reviews Link to your Business

With a single tap let your customers review your business on Google Reviews.

Merge Orders

Multiple orders from a customer! No worries. Just combine the bills at last to get consolidated bills.

Want to See our Demo Online Store on your Phone

Steps -

1. You can see a demo restaurant QR Code.
2. Use the phone camera or Google Lens to scan the QR Code.
3. Scroll around and checkout the menu.
4. Place your order and choose payment option.
5. Your order is instantly received by restaurant.
6. Click on My Orders to see the current status of order

Online Store Setup Overview

How to Get Started with Planet QR eCommerce


Create your Account by filling in a few basic details.

Add Products

Add categories and items. Your products will be visible to your customers.

Send Link/ Use QR

Send link to your customers/Place the printed QR Code at your store.

Receive Orders

Be ready to receive order notifications. Scale up your business!

Register your Business at Planet QR eCommerce.

It just takes a minute to start