The Booking Management System

Let us discuss as to how this new feature by Planet QR will automate your business booking process!.

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Why Planet QR's Booking Management System ?

setup is simple
Setup is Simple

Booking setup takes only a few minutes.

setup is simple
Easy to Use

User friendly interface similar to online shopping

setup is simple
Fast Switching

Customer can switch easily from Menu to Booking and vice-versa with a single tap

dedicated support
Live Booking

Receive instant notifications of bookings

continuous updates
Advanced Tech

We provide state of art restaurant and customer interfaces

continuous updates
Unlimited Categories

Add as many categories you like

continuous updates
Unlimited Services

Add as many services as you wish to offer

uptime guaranteed
Free Upgrade

Existing customers get a free upgrade to this exciting feature

The Booking System is Super Easy to Operate by

The Customer

The Owner

The Manager

The Front Desk

The Marketing Staff

One of the most user friendly booking solutions for restaurants, bars and cafe

The Dashboard


- You can see the total booking and services availed

- See a summary of Total Sales

- You can Accept/Reject any booking

- You can see latest reviews of your bookings

The Booking Console

Heart of the Booking Module

- A user friendly interface

- Just requires a single tap to update

- Your update is directly visible to the customer

The Billing System

Quickly Generate Bills

- Give Discounts to Loyal Customers

- Take Normal/Thermal Prints

- Coupon Code can be redeemed

- If required update the bill.

The Direct Payment System


- Receive direct payment from customer when booking

- Zero commissions charged by the platform

Manage your business bookings with Planet QR.

Now everything at one place