FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What type of stores can use Planet QR?

Planet QR can be used by anyone who want to showcase their products/services to customers by a QR scan or by a simple links. We had initially started Planet QR for Restaurants, however today we have extended our services to retail businesses like electronic stores, hardware stores,  electronic stores, grocery store etc. Anyone who want to create their online store can use our services.


What is the requirement of Planet QR, when we already have catalogues of our products?

If you have multiple brands providing you the products then it becomes difficult for the store owners to showcase their products at a single place. Planet QR provider you the facility to put all your products at one place. It becomes easier for not only your customers to quickly see your products, but also for you as a store owner to change prices/product images with a single tap.


Is a trial period available for trying out Planet QR?

Yes, you can try Planet QR for 15 days.


What all features can be tried in the trial version?

We provide you all available features of the platform with no restrictions. Once your trial period is over you can choose a plan which best suits your business.


If I am not from India and want to try it out, can I do so ?

Of course yes. You can try it out.


How much time it takes for the complete setup?

Registration can be done in a minute. Initial setting up your store can be finished within 5-10 minutes. Thereafter you can build and prepare your menu. This of course depends on you. However, as and when you add the items your items are live on all QR Codes.


Are customers required to install a seperate app?

No, there is no need of a seperate app for the customers. Our interactive interface is near similar to an online app but it runs on the browser. 


How user friendly is the Customer Interface?

It's very simple. They have to search for the products, add them to cart and place an order just like they do online shopping. 


Is it a one time payment service?

No, it's a renewal based subscription system. There are different plans. You can upgrade to any plan by paying just the difference in plan amount and continue with the upgraded plan. However there is no payment refund in case you downgrade the plan.