About Us

Welcome to Planet QR, one of the most preferred platform for businesses management.  Based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, we're dedicated to provide your customers an enhanced experience by providing you unique services. Our primary focus is on providing you quality services at the best price in the market. 

Founded in 2022, Planet QR has come a long way since its inception. We started with Planet QR's Restaurant Mangagement System which helped about hundreds of restaurants in managing their business smartly. The RMS (Restaurant Management System) provides quite unique features for restaurant business like QR Menu, Live Orders, UPI QR on Bills, Online Orders etc. By using our platform restaurants have been able to synchronize complete staff activities and live interaction with customer on a single platform.

We regularly take feedbacks from our customers and incorporate new and trending features on our platform. 

In Feb 2023, we launched our Restaurant Booking Module by which customers could easily book restaurant tables. The booking could be easilty confirmed by restaurant owners based on the existing bookings on that particular day. We integrated this feature on our existing Restaurant Management System. With a single tap they can switch to either the Restaurant Management System or the Restatuarnt Booking System. Moreover, this feature was provided free of cost to our existing customers.

In Apr 2023, we launched our Digital Business Cards platform. Using this platform, business owners can easily create their beautiful and trending digital business cards within minutes. We have provided 11 templates to choose from. The Digital Business Card can be shared by sending a link.

In Jun 2023, we rolled out our Store Management System. Using this platform, various kinds of stores like departmental stores, electronic stores, grocery stores can create their online store in minutes. They can download the QR of their store and place it at any appropriate position in the store. Once the customer arrives at the store, with a simple scan, customer can see the complete store inventory with the prices, top selling products etc.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us at mail@planetqr.com


What we Believe

We believe in making the technology accessible for everyone. Thats why we provide all features at very reasonable prices. We also believe in sharing with you the best practices to scale up your business and also for quality business management.


Respecting Privacy

We believe in respecting privacy of every customer using our platform. Therefore, we never ask for customer Name or Email or Mobile number when they are placing orders. Unlike other platforms, we don't sell any kind of data to any third party software/app/person/enterprise.


About our Dedication

We have regularly updated our users about the latest features by emails so that they never miss any new update. The updates are always live which means that you need not download any software update or so. And yes, these updates are always free (with the existing plan) for our subscribers.



You can use the Planet QR Services to explore the features initially for upto 15 days. Thereafter you will be required to pay subscription charges as per your preferred plan. Please note that the plans are valid for 365 days. This duration starts from the day you have made the payment.


Contact Us for Help

If you wish to know more, please mail us at mail@planetqr.com

Planet QR wishes you to have a nice day !