Planet QR Features

Planet QR is packed with a lot of features!.

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Why Planet QR ?

setup is simple
Setup is Simple

Planet QR takes a few minutes to setup.

dedicated support
Detailed Insights

To help your business to scale

continuous updates
Technologically Advanced

We provide you advanced tools which are easy to understand.

uptime guaranteed
Quick Feedbacks

Your feedbacks for improvement will be quickly integrated.

Planet QR is Super Easy to Operate

The Owner

The Manager

The Steward

The Kitchen Superviser

The Cashier

One of the most powerful business solutions for restaurants, bars and cafe

The Dashboard


- You can see the total products/menu items added

- See a summary of Total Sales

- You can Accept/Reject any order

- You can see latest reviews of any cuisine

The All in One Display

Common Display for Manager, Kitchen & Waiter

- A user friendly interface that anyone can operate

- Just requires a single tap to operate

- Print KOTs for your kitchen

- The page refreshes automatically every 60 seconds

The Billing System

Quickly Generate Bills

- Give Discounts to Loyal Customers

- Take Normal/Thermal Prints

- Coupon Code Redemption

- If required update the bill.

The UPI Integrated System


- Receive direct payment from customer when ordering

- Print UPI QR with exact bill amount on every bill

Run your business with Planet QR.

Get everything at one place at Planet QR.