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Steps to Setup your Restaurant or Bar
Step 1 - Register your Store. Click Register on Top

- Click on Register. Add the following details -

- Store Name - Your Restaurant/bar/pub/cafe name

- Email - This will not be visible to your customers

- Phone Number - This will be visible to your customers. The will be able to send direct order to this number on Whatsapp also.

- Password - Use any password. Please remember the password.

- Plan - Initially you can choose any plan. Once the trial period of 7 days is over, you will be required to pay for continuing the servicers.

Step 2- Login to your Restaurant Terminal

- Click on Login

- Enter the email id used for creating the account

- Enter the passsword of your account

- Click on Login

Step 3 - Setup your Restaurant by changing the settings, adding tables, categories, food and beverage products etc

- Go to Settings

- Under settings there are 3 tabs - Store settings, App settings & Payment Settings

- Go to Store Settings and update basic details of your store

- Go to App Settings and enable/disable all features for your customers interface.

- Go to Payment Settings and chose cash on delivery.

- Go to Inventory->Category. Add all categories like Appetizers, Main Course, Desserts, Beverages etc.

- If there are items which are served in different size/quantity then go to Inventory->Addon Categories. There are three types of Addon Categories.

- 1 - Size or Variant - If the item is available in different sizes or variation add the addon category. Write Full Name which means that specify the name of item also. eg:- Classic Pizza Sizes/ XYZ Whiskey Peg.

- 2 - Extra - If there is anything which can be added to the item select this option.

- 3 - Check - .

- Go to Tools->Tables. Add tables. You can use a number (like 01) or alpha numeric (like - Outside 01) word for the table.

Step 4 - Create a QR Code for restaurant or for each table

- Click on Register.

Step 5 - Receive orders with sound notifications

- Click on Register.

Step 6 - Manage Orders - Accept, Reject, Update Orders

- Click on Register.

Step 7 - Print bills using normal or thermal printer

- Click on Register.

Step 8 - Review Orders and view present status of all orders

- Click on Register.

General Errors and Their Meaning
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Error 504

The internet is slow at your end. Refresh the page and everything will be OK once the internet speed is back.

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Error 404

The address/link you are trying to access is not available on the server. Please re-check the link and try again.

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Error 500

The software is under upgradation. Please wait for 2 minutes. Everything will be as it is.

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Any other error

Just click a photograph and send it on our Whatsapp Number. We will resolve your issue at the earliest.

Customer Interface Explained


Use Phone Camera or Google Lens to Scan QR


Add food, beverages and add-ons to cart.


Check the cart and place order.


Pay Online/Offline!

Want to See our Demo QR Menu on your Phone

Follow these steps -

1. You can see a demo restaurant QR Code.
2. Use the phone camera or Google Lens to scan the QR Code.
3. Scroll around and checkout the menu.
4. Place your order and choose payment option.
5. Your order is instantly received by restaurant.
6. Restaurant gets visual and audio notification.

How to Get Started with Planet QR


Create your restaurant Account by filling in a few basic details.

Create Menu

Add categories and items. Your menu will be visible to your customers.

Print QR Code

Create table and create Unique QR Code for each. Place the printed QR Code on your tables.

Receive Orders

Be ready to receive order notifications. Server your customers well!

Benefits for your Business

One QR Stays Forever

No need of changing QR Codes. Just change the menu. No restriction on changing menus.

Live Customer Interaction

Your customers connect with your complete system. They get to see live status of their orders as and when your staff updates the Planet QR system.

No KOTs and Unwanted Prints

You need not print KOTs for your kitchen. Update status of order in the system directly by manager, kitchen and waiter.

Sync Activities of your Staff

Update by one staff is notified to complet staff engaged in your business.

Offline/Online Payments

Use the integrated online payment system to receive money directly from customer. Or else use offline payment mode.


Finalize your bills. Make necessary changes if required. Give discounts to your special customers. Generate Normal or Thermal Prints.

Most Loved Features

Easy Setup

Setup your store within a minute. Access all features during the 7 day trial period.

One Tap Feature/Category/Item Enable or Disable

You can enable or disable it with a single tap.

Use your Store Banners

Prepare mouth watering banners for your customers and let them fall in love with your cuisines.

Live Order Status for Customers

Customer gets live status of the order. So no more calling and asking the status.

Direct Google Reviews Link to your Business

With a single tap let your customers review your business on Google Reviews.

Merge Orders

Multiple orders from a restaurant. No worries. Just combine the bills at last to get consolidated bills.

Scale your business with Planet QR.

Get all the tools you need to take your business to the next level & join the millions of merchants using Planet QR.